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Nationwide Installation - Downtown Des Moines

About the project

Nationwide Insurance has a large campus in downtown Des Moines consisting of buildings and a parking garage.  A marketing company helped them find that people identified with their old Eagle Logo better than the square shaped logo that they changed to in 1998 so the decision was made to rebrand with their original logo that they had from 1955 to 1998.

Customer needs

With the logo change came the need to change all of their current signage to the new logo.  Nationwide hired a national sign company to manufacture the new signs and also find a local sign company to help with all phases of the  installation process.


Chesnut Signs was hired to work directly with the city of Des Moines to secure all of the proper permits including signs, sidewalk closures, parking meter closures and complete street closures as large cranes were needed to lift signs into place.  A very large, rotating square logo needed to be removed from the top of an elevator shaft and was replaced with new logos mounted on the sides of the elevator shaft.  A large set of illuminated letters was lifted and installed into place on a wall facing south of downtown for people to see from M.L. King Blvd. as they drive by or enter into the downtown area.  Chesnut Signs also installed six large, digitally printed, illuminated banners that replaced the banners in existing cabinets.  Three monument signs were changed using new lighted cabinets on the existing rock bases.  A large set of brushed silver, non-illumated logo letters was installed on an interior wall above a stair case.  Other interior projects involving the logo change were completed including wall signs, security desks and display cases.


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